Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free Pants With Every Phone!

That's my seven year old's motto as she's making "phones" for everyone (paper flip phones with pictures drawn in the screen and a dial pad - pretty cool I thought). Sure, you might be thinking "but wait, what do pants have to do with phones?" but as a great dad that's not even the question. Let me explain why.

The girl is thinking out of the box. First of all, she figured out how to make the phones. In my day as a kid, I would have had to draw a rotary dial and attached the pieces with a string. My kid? Flip phone for you dad. She covered all the components too. But she didn't stop there, she dreamed up a promotion too. Free Pants With Every Phone. Brilliant! No, I didn't ask her why, she thought it was a great idea though - and for all I know, maybe it is. Oh, and the "pants"? Well, those were paper too, they were also *designer* pants - we the rest of the family members didn't get the same pants I did.

This dads is creativity at it's finest. If you want to be a great dad, then let your kid create. Let them go wild with ideas. Don't worry that it may not connect the dots with "reality" all that well - how are we to know what reality is going to look like when our kids are 30? Heck, I don't even know whats coming down the pipe for next week. Be a support for your young child. Don't worry, there will be plenty of time as they get older to sooth hurts, help to set expectation based on their skill sets and the like. While they're young though, let them dream because you never know where that dream may take them.

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