Friday, December 24, 2010

Sing With Your Kids

My second eldest was drying the dishes while I was making my breakfast. While drying she suddenly broke out into Good Morning Baltimore - and I joined in. (Note: It helps if you know the song being sung when singing). We had a grand time singing through the verse and then moved on to other songs as well.

Great dads take the opportunities to engage with their kids lives. I'm not sure that too many dads know Good Morning Baltimore, I do because my eldest was in a production of it. So, I took the time to know it. It allowed me to speak with her (and sing with her younger sister) about the production, what it meant, what the era was like. To practice songs and so much more.

Sing With Your Kids is a metaphor, I realize not every dad can sing well. Though honestly, the little ones don't mind so much even if you can't sing well anyway. The point being, if you engage, you get to share in your child's life, and they in yours. True engagement allows you to create the foundation for long lasting loving relationships with your kids.

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